Some printing tips, and why you should use 48hourprint coupons

Just about every business needs printing services at one point or another. It could be a flyer, brochure, poster, postcard, banner, or any number of other things. Despite us being in the digital age, printing will not disappear entirely. A well-designed printed marketing piece still has a lot of power, and that’s why you should definitely incorporate some printing into your business, regardless of the industry you may be in.

http://hotprintingdeals.comEven if you don’t require anything fancy, at the very least, you’re still going to need business cards if you are in business for yourself. Even something as simple as this can be done the right way and the wrong way. It’s well worth your time to expend a certain amount of money, time, and effort into producing the best looking business card you can. As with any printed piece, there are 3 elements that go into any successful printing project:

1. Design.
They don’t pay top graphic designers big bucks for no reason. The difference between a well-designed piece and a poorly designed one is night and day. Avoid the temptation to design things on your own unless you have a design background. Rather, find cheap freelancers on the Internet if you’re on a budget. I would avoid Fiverr, however, because the designers I’ve hired there have not been very good at all.

2. Copy.
What the printed piece says and doesn’t say is very important. This is where a copywriter becomes necessary, unless you have a flair for writing yourself. If you do decide to write the copy yourself, show it to as many people as possible to get their feedback.

3. Printing.
Even the best designed products will look bad if the printing is not professional. Just because you’re paying big bucks for a print job, don’t assume the printer will do a competent job. Where possible, I recommend using online print services and reading as many customer reviews as possible. After some trial and error, you should be able to find a handful of good printing services. I myself like 48hourprint. I’ve used them a number of times, and they did timely, quality work. Pricing is fair, and I always use a 48hourprint coupon available from to get extra large discounts on my orders.

Invariably, it’s going to take some trial and error to get each of these 3 elements right. Don’t beat yourself up too much if something goes wrong. Just look upon it as a learning experience and incorporate what you learned for the next round of printing.

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