Get the Amazon Prime Free Trial

Internet is quickly beginning to replace TV. We are all familiar with Netflix, but many other similar services have become prominent in recent years. Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime are both major services that have begun offering exclusive programming. And even HBO has gotten into the game with a standalone streaming service, called HBO Now. You can read more about his new service at Business Insider, which had a good article about it.

Benefits of Amazon Prime

If you’re only going to get one streaming service, Netflix is probably still the best one. It has the most exclusive programming and I believe it also has the widest selection. You can get a 30-day free trial of the service as well.

In my opinion, Amazon Prime Instant Video comes in a close second. Like Netflix, it is commercial free, and offers a wide range of programming. If you’re an Amazon customer, this service may be your best option since you also get free 2-day shipping on everything you buy from Amazon. So in a sense, it’s killing two birds at once. You get free shipping AND a streaming service that rivals Netflix. And it’s cost is nearly the same as what Netflix charges, although you do need to pay for a year upfront. But Amazon also has an Amazon Instant free trial for 30 days, which you can get by going to

Hulu Plus isn’t all that bad either, but it comes in last because, quite frankly, it has commercials and the technology seems to be the worst. I rarely have problems with Amazon Instant Video or Netflix, but with Hulu, I get errors quite frequently. Despite this, Hulu Plus has garnered something like 6 million subscribers and continues to grow. I don’t think it will ever overtake Netflix, but it could easily become one of the biggest players in streaming video.

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